Tinker-N-Co.....A history!

I loved summers as a child. My cousins along with my sister and I would run about trampling my Nana's flower beds, our pure white socks and dungaree straps flapping about our legs. My sister had this mop of brown ringlets that bounced as she ran. We'd spend hours sifting what was left of the coal in the coal shed, thinking we would find diamonds. Nana's just-laundered sheets transformed into the most amazing tent canopies, the lawn strewn with cushions, pillows and blankets and our little fingers busily creating delicious mud pies. We were so oblivious to anything other than being children on those hot summer breaks, it was always met with a look of anguish and just the hint of a smile looking at the state of the garden and then at our muddy clothes and faces. The Cul-de-sac would echo with her cry's "get in you little Tinkers!" Or she would chase us with the garden broom around the garden and we would lay under the sheets where she would tell us stories. Ducu ("Duck-ee" - grandad) would then announce it was time for baths and "Welsh chips!" (I'm pretty sure they were just regular chips cut with a wavy chip cutter, but this is what we called them). We'd sit up at the large, heavy, Victorian, dark oak table and listen to him play boogie woogie on the organ or snuggle on the over-sized, deep, golden, velvet cushions of the sofa waiting for cartoon time.

Twentyfive-ish years on I pay homage to my fortunate childhood summers. We weren't by any means a wealthy family in the monetary sense, however it didn't matter, we had creativity and the freedom to imagine and create. Summers back then seemed hotter, longer, the air cleaner. The mud pies and creative tent making skills turned into a love for colour, design and an appreciation of our world, (I also still love those chips). Armed with my sidekick desktop, (it has seen better days, bless it!) and along with these childhood roots, Tinker N Co has bloomed into what it is today and still continues to evolve. A business that is larger than one person. I may be at the forefront steering this ship, but it is my roots that contribute to the core of what you see in my store, a love for all things especially life and what our world has to offer us.

I spent the past 13 years building my brand on Ebay, only in the last few turning my attention to Etsy. Bringing my tangible, physical craft items from Ebay to Etsy. Digital design gives me the freedom of creating and allows me to tap into a whole new community with the added bonus of speedy digital delivery.

Today - I am and will always be a daydreamer of sorts. Spending more time dreaming and creating than doing unmentionable necessary's. I spend hours drooling over the perfect colour or paring design with the right type font (does this make me weird?), the mood in the new office has to be set just right. Not too mention the oodles of jars and boxes filled with sparkly, glittery, pretties. (I'm a little bit of a magpie). I will always be thankful to my past, but am also equally excited about the future. Which brings us to now. I have big plans for this site.. Big big plans. Sharing my love of design with like minded individuals, I want to give others the opportunity to get creative with great design resources that don't cost the earth. Introducing the site www.tinkernco.co.uk . A place where great design and affordability meet. Offering fellow creatives design tools to get a little crafty with their family members on their free days and also like minded entrepreneurs a little helping hand in their creative future endeavors.  

Tinkernco - helping you to compose, colour and create since 2005

If you would like to contact me please visit the Etsy store. It really is the best way to get in touch.

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