Thank you for taking the time to check out our terms of use.

We try to be as lenient with our terms as possible, we actually want you to be able to get the most out of our graphics and patterns.
Since we are giving these items away to you for free we like to think people are generally good people and you will honour our terms as set out.

Free Use.
Free for personal use. You can make anything your heart desires so long as it is for your own personal use. This does not include freebies for your business use, but does include your own personal business branding. So if you want to make a banner or graphics for social media for your own business, we are happy for you to do so.

Commercial Use
We require that you purchase a commercial license of £20 should you wish to use these patterned papers to make items for your business to sell. This is a one time fee and will last from the moment you purchase and covers all future released patterned papers as well as past papers you have downloaded. Please see "I missed some designs, how do I download those" for our rules on brand new licensee holders that have just found us.
The items must be in a finished state and not just a copy of our patterns. You can make stickers, planner inserts, dashboards, banners (for others), Logos, cards, finished scrapbook pages, jewellery items, coasters, prints etc. The item you make must have some input to the design from yourself and not be just a copy of our design.

Horrible Unnecessaries.
We believe that people in general are good people, and we'd like to think most people will do the right thing. With this said, we do take measures to make sure that the appropriate licenses are purchased after all, part of the perk of being in businesses is appropriate credit where due. As this site grows, we believe that £20 is a reasonable charge for what we know will be a great investment. Take a look at our Etsy reviews for glowing reviews on the quality and clarity of our designs. Links can be found below.

What can't I do with your papers and tiles?
* You can not simply give them away.
* Sell them on your own site as is
* Add them to any CD or craft box.
* Pass them off as your own work, claim them as your own
* Use them in any defamatory way or in the construction of adult styled projects.
* Make products that are in direct competition with what we do here.


How does this all work then?
Our aim is to upload new papers every single week for the next two months. With the addition of the papers that are already on our site, we hope to have at least twenty papers on the site live at all times. Once the two month period ends we will start to replace the first few papers with new designs retiring the old ones to Etsy at a reduced rate. We will promote this on our social media pages (Pinterest and Instagram), so we can keep you informed of new designs being added and when we'll start retiring designs.

What size and resolution are your papers?
The papers are 12 x 12 inches square saved at 300dpi resolution, what is considered to be the industry standard for printing.
The tiles are just shy of 4 inches square and also saved at 300dpi resolution.

How do I download the patterned papers?
It is really easy to download our patterned papers and graphics.
* Simply click the pattern from the main screen that you want to download.
* Right click the larger version once it is loaded and hit save to computer.
* You might be prompted to decide a safe place to download it to like your desktop or an external hard drive.

Can I make freebies with your freebies if I purchase a License?
Yes, but we do have a few rules.
* The items you make, again must be a finished item, and have some creative input from yourself into the design.
* They can not be copies of our work.
* If you are plugging them online, be that a website, blog, newsletter, social media, or in person at a fair. You must credit us for the artwork with a link to our website. Online the link must be clickable.  Suggested wording "Artwork care of "

Can I make freebies with your freebies if I don't purchase a License?
No, and here is why. We'd love to be able to say yes, but let's get real for a second. We've worked hard on these freebies and don't get us wrong, we love what we do, but it is time away from our loved ones, time spent creating something we don't require payment for unless you want to make money yourself.. fair is fair. We'd love instead to invite you to be part of the love and direct your friends and family to our site, or purchase a license as above so you can make freebies.

Do I need to credit you for artwork if i've purchased a license?
Nope! We understand the importance of keeping your suppliers confidential, so this isn't a requirement. Of course it is always nice to be credited, but if you purchase a license we waiver that right. The only stipulation here is that you don't claim the designs as your own.

Do I need to credit you for artwork if I am just sharing items i've made not for sale?
Yes!. Suggested wording "Artwork care of " "
This is standard practice within this industry when offering freebies. When our site is developed further we are hoping to be able to showcase some wonderful talent and we would not dream of sharing projects made by yourself without crediting YOU!

What's the difference between the papers and the tiles?
The papers are 12 x 12 inches and print on any home printer (or professional printer) without the need to edit at home. If you have an A4 printer or US letter size printer only and are concerned your printer wont print 12 x 12 don't be. You can still print to the paper dimensions that are available. Make sure you check that you are not printing to fit and your printer settings will take care of it.
The tiles are a little shy of 4 x 4 inches and can be made into a pattern via Photoshop or you can manually tile them side by side and one underneath the other to create a pattern as big as you wish. This is particularly useful if you want to make large backdrops or fabrics.

Why do you retire the papers after 2 months?
The patterned papers are retired after 2 months to make way for new exciting patterned papers. We want to keep the designs fresh and new, so that followers have something to look forward to and to keep coming back.  The patterns will be uploaded on a rolling schedule, so those that are the oldest will be replaced first. Follow us on Instagram #tinkerncodigital to find out when new ones are released and when old ones are retired.

I missed some designs, how do I go about downloading those?
No need to worry. Retired sets of 14 papers or more will be sent to our Etsy store for sale at a reduced rate. Question continued below.

But why do I now have to purchase them when I've bought a license?
We completely understand your frustrations and it is something we have put a lot of thought into. The License covers all current papers and future papers at the time you decide to purchase the license, It would be impossible for us to backdate not only the designs, but also the license.

Let us take a moment to be candid for a second as we explain this further.
Whilst we love sharing and offering designs to our fellow creatives, we are also a business and we need to find a happy medium on both giving away for free and also still be free to make money. As this project grows we will be showcasing our designs on Instagram, Pinterest, and our Etsy store in good time to reach as many people as we can.  The beauty of this rolling format is that no matter when you join our community you'll never be short of beautiful papers to download under the license. So even if you join us a year from now, there will still be a ton of new papers for you to download. By downloading the papers for a single revolution of 2 months you'll only of paid £1 per paper, anything after this time frame just makes the license even more affordable. So even if you miss a few we believe you'll still be getting great value. Plus by offering these great designs to our Etsy followers at a reduced rate, our hope is to bring even more creatives to our site. Don't worry, we will be quite up front and honest with them and explain that they were once free. Of course if you would rather wait for the papers to become available on our Etsy store and pay the reduced rate you can do that too, you don't have to purchase a license here, just note that until a license is purchased you can not make to sell. Once in our Etsy store the patterned papers will be under the licensing offered there, which is slightly different to how it is set out here.

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